Developmental Services Network is committed to ensure continued and expanded access to quality ICF services in the state of California. Curious about what we can provide for your Intermediate Care Facility or Facilities?

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​​DSN provides our ICF members with unparalleled support by deciphering and disseminating legislative updates and pertinent information or laws that emerge from the state's capitol.

DSN is proud to offer providers of ICF/DD-H, ICF/DD-N a comprehensive and practical approach to training new QIDPs or QIDPs. Throughout the year we create two-day programs of non-stop introductions and exploration of: revised ICF/IID and state ICF/DD-H&N regulations as well as other state laws (Special Incident Reports, Mandated Abuse Reporting), ICD/IID survey process, diverse functions and responsibilities of the QIDP, methods on providing informed consent, conducting internal abuse investigations, effective methods for interviewing direct care staff and DCS work schedule, sample training models for staff, and so much more.

We provide our members with readily avalible information to assist them with owning and operating one or more Intermediate Care Facilities. We provide a forum for members where questions and constructive converstations are encouraged to assist the community at large.  If you have questions regarding your home(s), we have answers.

Interested in joining the Developmental Services Network?
DSN members must own and operate intermediate care facilitiy services (ICF) for people with developmental disabilities.  Membership dues are based on the total number of beds operated by the individual or the organization. If you are committed to quality ICF services in the state of California, contact us for the membership application.

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