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​Welcome to Developmental Services Network


For more than 15 years Developmental Services Network (DSN) has served its members as California’s only trade association dedicated exclusively to providers of intermediate care facility (ICF) services for people with developmental disabilities.  DSN’s strength comes from its members who recognize the importance of working together, sharing information, conducting and receiving training, and providing critical regulatory and fiscal analysis of the activities of the various governmental entities involved in oversight and funding of the program.


Since the California legislature implemented, through legislation, a rate freeze on ICF providers in 2009, providers have been challenged to continue to deliver the high quality services for which the program is known.  Then, when Assembly Bill 97 actually cut rates to many providers in 2011 the threat became even more real.  Early on, DSN challenged the rate freeze in federal court and had a victory at the trial court level only to have that reversed by the appellate court.  The plight of providers to deliver quality services at increased costs, while receiving often times less in reimbursement than in years before is a real one.  According to the Department of Developmental Services, more than 80 ICFs have closed their doors since the rate freeze was implemented forcing placements into more costly and less appropriate settings.


DSN continues, through its consultants and lobbyists, to advocate in the Administration and the Legislature for the lifting of the freeze and rescission of the rate cuts.  The members of the Association are committed to a course of action that will ensure continued and expanded access to quality ICF services in the State of California.

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